15-16th November, 2023

 The Leonardo Royal Berlin Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany

AutoTech: Europe Advisory Board 2023

Elisha Sessions, Car Strategy Lead, BBC 

Eman Martin-Vignerte, Director, Bosch 

Jason Craker, Transformation Director, Changemaker  

Eden Ben Shabat, Cybersecurity Analysts and Vulnerability Management Team Leader, CYMOTIVE Technologies  

Scott Lyons, In Vehicle Content, Services & Tech Partnerships / Co-Founder Ford MakeItDriveable Program, Ford of Europe 

Ralf Drauz, Managing Director – Clarion, Forvia 

Anders Wall, Group CFO, Green Mobility 

Holger Weiss, CEO & Founder, German AutoLabs 

Balbir Blugan, Product Business Development, Google 

James Towle Director, New Business Models Jaguar Land Rover 

Mark Gerban, Senior Digital & Payment Expert 

Augustin Friedel, Senior Manager | Mobility Transformation, MHP – A Porsche Company

Lukas Neckermann, Founder and Board Member, PAVE Europe 

Anya Ernest, Innovation Lead, Polestar 

David Wong, Senior Technology & Innovation Manager, Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders (SMMT)

Olaf Gietelink Vice President, Strategy, TomTom

Paul Myles, Editor, TU-Auto 

Maite Bezerra, Principal Analyst SDV, Wards Intelligence 

Stephen Bell, Chief Analyst Connectivity, Wards Intelligence  

Daniel Fredriksson, Head of Business Development, WirelessCar 

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