Content Marketing & Laad Generation

Drive Engagement and Build Relationships with Quality-Crafted Content Programs

When your content marketing program is cohesive, relevant, and supremely well-designed, the impact is powerful. Our content, marketing, and digital experts know your industry; we craft custom programs that drive engagement and deliver on time and to goal.

Content Marketing / Lead Generation Solutions

Our Content Syndication and Lead Generation programs can help you reach highly relevant audiences who are interested in your content’s topic by syndicating it across our trusted platforms.

By selecting targets based on job function, company type, and geography, we ensure your content is reaching the right audience. Registration is required to view the content and you’ll receive weekly reports with contact information for each lead. Our program guarantees a certain number of leads, and we’ll keep pushing until we hit that target.

Useful for campaigns aiming to establish authority, bring in new traffic, generate qualified business leads, launch a new brand or product, and engage with your audience.

Additionally, content marketing can help position you as an industry expert, educate and persuade without selling, generate demand, accelerate decision-making, and place your message in front of targeted professionals.


WardsAuto Whitepaper

Popular Formats


eBooks are a great way to engage and educate your audience by providing highly desirable and rich content. They are more visual and conversational than white papers and can be promoted chapter by chapter. eBooks can help establish authority in your industry, bring in new traffic, generate leads, promote your brand or product, and provide long-term engagement. They typically range from 24-48 pages, include a product PDF, design/layout production, and registration capabilities. Hosting by WardsAuto is optional.

White Papers

White Papers are a great way to establish subject-matter expertise and thought leadership, provide solutions to industry problems, and generate high-quality leads. Informa offers end-to-end program management including topic discovery, content development, design, and production. Experienced editors or subject-matter experts work closely with you during the content creation process to ensure messaging is on target. The content asset can be used across various content marketing initiatives.


Our analyst-led webinars position your company as an industry expert, generate qualified leads, and increase ROI. They are up to 1 hour in length with live Q&A, moderated by an industry expert, and include marketing and promotions as well as attendance reporting. This is a cost-effective way to create engaging content and place your message in front of targeted professionals.


Guide users through a topic in a deeply engaging way with a visually-stunning, interactive web experience and bring your content to life across all devices. Blend high-quality content, compelling imagery and interactive elements into an immersive user experience that allows visitors to explore and uncover valuable content based on their level of interest.


Infographics motivate due to their highly visual and easy to digest format that enables busy professionals to quickly translate data into insights. Draw a wider viewing audience into key information that might otherwise be buried in long-form content and benefit from their ease of social sharing.

Fastchat Videos

Video-based discussions featuring your executives to showcase your brand’s innovation, market leadership, and expertise. The interview is typically 10-15 minutes long and consists of 3-5 questions, with the option to package 2-3 videos together as a series. Includes a dedicated landing page, marketing promotion campaign, up to 3 related assets, speaker and moderator bios, a written summary of the video, and the client’s logo and call to action. The interview can be conducted remotely, and the landing page remains live for 12 months.

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