Media Kit Now Available | Find out how to position Your Brand at the forefront of Automotive’s Evolution.

Our story begins 99 years ago with Al Ward, the first to recognize the importance of providing production figures of automobile manufacturers to the public, and to create the first newsletter devoted to this information. Ward’s Automotive Reports (WAR) quickly became a trusted source of information for the auto industry and has been an invaluable resource for almost a century.

Fast forward to today, and WAR has evolved into WardsAuto, providing the same data-driven insight that has made it a leader in the auto industry, but now with the added benefits of the connection and events of TU-Automotive and the research expertise of Wards Intelligence. Together, the Informa Tech Automotive Group.

We are committed to continuing Al Ward’s legacy of providing the auto industry with the knowledge and information necessary to inform, inspire, and accelerate a brighter AutoTech future.

Add WardsAuto to your marketing toolkit. As a trusted Automotive news source for 99 years, we deliver the latest insight to an engaged, high-quality, global audience of automakers, Tier 1s, dealers, suppliers of all levels, and the investing financial community.

Inside the Media Kit you will find more about how WardsAuto can solve your Marketing challenge. Be it Brand Awareness or Demand Generation, Marketing Intelligence or Building Reputation, WardsAuto has a solution for you. Download now and discover:

  • Key Audience Insights
  • Digital Ad Opportunities
  • Information About Wards Intelligence
  • A Library of Marketing Services
  • The different content formats we offer
  • Meet our Expert Team

And More!

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