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wards intelligence

We Have The  Automotive Data You Need

Wards is synonymous with data reliability. ​Our global, comprehensive automotive data has fueled our unmatched expertise for almost a century, and some of our current data sets date back more than 50 years.

This enables us to provide market-leading analysis, forecasting and trend identification. Our data can support you to keep a check on your competition and position your products and services.

We can also lean on our strong relationships with automotive players at all levels and conduct industry surveys on your behalf.

We Track The Market So You Don’t Have To

We have the most complete set of global automotive sales, production and inventory data available anywhere on the market, and also track the key technologies in the trends that are shaping the future of the industry.

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Internal-Combustion Engines

Automotive Subscriptions


Autonomous Vehicles

Future Cockpit

Vehicle Markets

Our Sales, Production & Inventory Data Is Global

North America

  • U.S., Canada, Mexico Sales: Sales units by model, source, power type and segment. Start date 1970 (U.S.), 1985 (Canada/Mexico). U.S. includes power type splits for BEVs and hybrids
  • U.S. Inventory: Inventory units by model, source and segment. Start date 1985
  • U.S., Canada, Mexico Truck Sales by GVW: Truck sales units by brand and weight class (Classes 1-8). Start date 1985
  • U.S. Truck Inventory by GVW: Truck inventory units by weight class. Start date 1985
  • U.S., Canada, Mexico Production: Production units by plant, model, and platform. Start date 1985
  • U.S., Canada, Mexico Production Tracker: Production projections by manufacturer, country, and vehicle type for the future quarter. Start date 1985


  • Austria Production* and Sales
  • Belarus Production*
  • Belgium Production and Sales
  • Czech Republic Production and Sales*
  • Denmark Sales
  • Finland Sales
  • France Production and Sales
  • Germany Production* and Sales*
  • Greece Sales
  • Ireland Sales
  • Italy Production and Sales*
  • Lithuania Sales
  • Luxembourg Sales
  • Netherland Production and Sales*
  • Norway Sales
  • Poland Production and Sales
  • Portugal Production* and Sales
  • Romania Production* and Sales
  • Russia Production* and Sales
  • Serbia Sales
  • Slovakia Production and Sales
  • Slovenia Production and Sales*
  • Spain Production and Sales*
  • Sweden Production* and Sales*
  • Switzerland Sales
  • Turkey Production and Sales
  • Ukraine Production and Sales
  • United Kingdom Production* and Sales


  • Australia Production and Sales
  • China Production* and Sales* (Sales includes power type splits for BEVs and hybrids)
  • India Production and Sales
  • Indonesia Production and Sales
  • Japan Production and Sales*
  • Malaysia Production and Sales
  • New Zealand Sales
  • Pakistan Production* and Sales*
  • Philippines Sales
  • Singapore Sales
  • South Korea Production and Sales*
  • Taiwan Production* and Sales
  • Thailand Production and Sales
  • Vietnam Sales*

South America & Rest Of World

  • Argentina Production and Sales*
  • Brazil Production and Sales*
  • Chile Sales
  • Colombia Sales
  • Uruguay Sales
  • Venezuela Production and Sales
  • Israel Sales
  • South Africa Sales*

Do you want the world’s most reliable current and historical automotive data to help fuel your strategic direction? Get in touch with one of our consultants to find out more.

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