Data Marketing

Target on the Best Channels, to the Ideal Automotive Audience, using Data Driven Tactics

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Audience Extension

Through Audience Extension, advertisers gain the ability to expand their reach to Informa’s esteemed audience of business decision makers across a multitude of web domains, freeing them from the constraints of our brand’s websites. With access to a wealth of first-party data, our advertising partners can effectively reach and engage with audiences that align with their specific profiles and preferences.

By leveraging our exclusive data sources, we provide reliable audience segments to help refine targeting, ensuring precision and scale, while eliminating any potential waste of media. Our team of dedicated experts offers a complete range of campaign planning, execution, and performance insights to guarantee that your ads are presented in trustworthy and brand-safe environments.

With Audience Extension, advertisers can easily extend their outreach and remain in front of their most valuable prospects by implementing audience-based targeting strategies.

Product Value Proposition
  • Extend a brand’s reach by staying in front of the most valuable prospects with audience-based targeting​.
  • Generate audience engagement by expanding reach to qualified prospects​.
  • Guarantee viewability by maintaining brand presence wherever the target audience goes online​.
  • Data-driven audience extension can often perform better than a brand’s onsite advertising programs​.
  • Audience Extension maximizes first-party data to proactively target audiences with advertising based on attributes and behaviors​.
  • Audience Extension can leverage look-a-like modeling, expanding reach to new audience profiles most likely to perform the desired campaign KPI.
Product Objectives
  • Audience Engagement
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Credibility
  • Digital Viewability

Custom Partner Email


We send an email campaign to our first-party data on behalf of the client or advertiser. The data has been permissioned for partner use. We deploy their email to the targeted list they have chosen from our database, using the HTML email provided by the client. The deployment is done on the date and time selected by the client. The campaign can be either one-time or multi-touch.

Product Value Proposition
  • Single or multi-touch to extend frequency.
  • Drive website traffic and brand awareness to your target audience.
  • Generate engagement for product announcements or press releases.
  • Announce your presence at a tradeshow or conference.
Product Objectives
  • Audience Engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand credibility
  • Build website traffic and loyalty
  • Product awareness

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