“A customer’s picture of your brand and ultimate decision on whether to buy your products accumulates in the mind over time. And that picture is painted by dozens of interactions with both brand and demand content.”

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Our Strength as WardsAuto, part of Informa Tech

Subject Matter Experts. Lean on Informa Tech’s expertise with over 250 Researchers and 60 journalists & editors to understand what your audience care about.

Content marketing leaders. We help brands develop compelling content across all of our media channels and on their own properties. In 2022 we delivered ~18,000 marketing touches along the buyers journey.

Digital Marketing Experts. Know your buyers, like we do. We help you amplify your messages and get to the right people at the right time and generate demand.

Connect with a thriving business technology community of 1st party, fully permissioned audience with 125 million monthly reach. Unrivalled engaged tech buyer reach curated through trusted relationships with our brands, events and our content marketplace.

We have strategy and content capabilities
in 40+ formats & multiple languages.

Documented Strategies

Interactive and Landing Pages

Infographics & Visualizations

SEO Optimized Articles

Webinars and Events

Podcast Production

Video & Multimedia

Whitepapers and Ebooks

Original Photography

Audience Surveys & Research

How Do We Help Marketers with
ABM Intelligence

Our ABM Intelligence offers rich 1st party data and deep industry knowledge, including email addresses for outreach and critical technographic/firmographic data for accurate segmentation. We also provide access to IT budget information for over 75,000 companies, allowing you to prioritize prospects. Additionally, we can help you plan your GTM strategy by identifying when accounts are due to renew existing contracts.

Our team of expert tech content marketers, analysts, and editors can provide tailored content marketing for specific accounts and elevate your account-based marketing campaigns. We can also add an authoritative voice with an independent review of your product/service and support you with granular multi-channel account-based advertising and distribution through our highly engaged audiences.

  • Account Intelligence: Rich 1st party data & deep industry knowledge
  • Provide Tailored Content Marketing for Specific Accounts: Lean on our team of expert tech content marketers, analysts and editors; we know your industry and we know how to craft compelling content.
  • Activation: Lean on our experienced digital marketing team to help you reach and engage.
WardsAuto ABM
WardsAuto ABM
WardsAuto ABM

How Do We Help Marketers with Brand Awareness

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WardsAuto Brand stat 3
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Our brand awareness packages allow you to tap into the audiences you want to build brand relevance with, over a sustained period of time. Drive demand with millions of known, engaged and targeted decision makers. Take advantage of our in-house content marketing team who can distribute valuable and compelling content to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined target audiences.

WardsAuto Demand Gen

Build your brand, drive demand with WardsAuto

And ensure it’s a frictionless, connected experience.

At the center of this ecosystem, create a central location for thought leadership content that influence and drive attention to other key communication and community channels.

How Do We Help Marketers with Market Intelligence

Technology buyers today are faced with countless efforts to grab their attention, and so sophisticated marketers know to lead with content that is expert, targeted, and personalised to help them solve their problems. WardsAuto and Informa Tech helps you become the go-to resource for your customers, giving you the tools to get real-time  knowledge on your market and customer, assess your competitors, and anticipate your customer’s current and future needs.

Research is great for marketers for:

  • Content Marketing: Research provides the basis for data-rich content for infographics, whitepapers, webinars and blogs
  • Marketing Strategy: Insight studies can help you with everything from messaging to where, when and how to reach your target audience
  • Thought Leadership: Research based content gives your brand credibility and prominence in a crowded marketplace

How Do We Help Marketers Build Reputation


Outreach content – grow beyond your owned channels.


Get high-quality content on your side.


Build trustworthy and authoritative content.


Audience Intelligence: Find out what your target audience thinking about now.

Our Reputation Builder solutions help you increase customer lifetime value and keep customers coming back for more. Learn more about what’s important to your target personas and then rest on our trusted vertical subject matter experts to build your position as an expert and authority within your industry. Finally lean on our reach into the right audiences to make sure you’re not wasting time getting in front of the wrong audience.

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