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Wards Intelligence is valued for its wealth of data and expertise, born out of a century of relationships with key automotive players.

Our current and historical datasets, our reputation for reliability, our industry-embedded analysts and our pragmatic perspective are why over 90% of our subscribers renew each year. They rely on us to interpret what’s happening right now and predict the future.

We explore and provide insight on the most important strategic and technical trends in the industry and guide your decision-making as you navigate the AutoTech transformation.

Our automotive and autotech research provides expert insight on the topics that matter the most, including:

Advanced Propulsion & Electrification

Batteries, charging technology & infrastructure, battery recycling, electric motors, related power control & conversion technologies, electric all-wheel-drive systems & EV transmissions, hybrid and fuel-cell powertrains, impact of electrification on ICEs.

Connectivity & Software Defined Vehicles

Industry 4.0, e-vehicle architecture, infrastructure hardware, in-vehicle hardware, business systems, E/E architecture data sets, EV architecture OEM ratings score cards.

The Digital

How megatrends in electrification, mobility and connectivity will create new digital revenue streams for all automotive players.

The Future Dealer

How digitalization, mobility, advanced automobile technology, customer education, electrified powertrains and connected services are transforming the way vehicles are sold and serviced.

Cockpit of the Future

How electrification, connectivity and autonomy are rapidly evolving cockpits, sustainable materials, smart surfaces and the future of leather.

ADAS & Autonomy

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), level 1-5 autonomous vehicles (AV), global policies and regulations, ADAS and AV adoption forecasts.


The role of BEVs in sustainability, battery recycling, public charging and EV infrastructure, carbon-neutral manufacturing, sustainable materials.


The rapid evolution of mobility, emerging transportation strategies, advanced technology developments, key public-policy initiatives.


Green powertrain forecasts, world plants, North American light-vehicle engines availability & specifications, US market segmentation, US manufacturers changeover dates, FI rates based on engine, equipment, equipment ADAS, equipment connectivity.

And keep you ahead of the trends through:


We provide in-depth insights, quantitative forecasts, product plans, industry voices, key supplier profiles, OEM assessments, expert analysis and more on disruptive and game-changing technologies.


We hold quarterly Outlook Conferences where you can hear the latest insight and forecasts directly from our leading experts, ask them questions relating to your business and network with other key players in the automotive ecosystem.


Our data dates back more than 50 years and is available at the click of the mouse. Our Data Query tool enables you to run your own customizable reports at any level of granularity with multiple data sets.


Our analysts and data specialists can dive deeper into key areas of inquiry for your business, utlizing our unique assets to provide tailored guidance, insight and forecasts that will fuel your business decisions and direction.

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Meet our team of automotive experts:


Dave Zoia

Director, Content

Steve Bell

Chief Analyst, Connectivity

Haig Stoddard

Principal Forecaster

Christie Schweinsberg

Principal Analyst, Sustainability & Digital Economy

Chris Liu

Senior Analyst, New Energy Vehicles

Adam Ragozzino

Principal Analyst, Batteries & Electric Powertrains

Maitê Bezerra

Principal Analyst, Software-Defined Vehicles

Elaine Chung

Senior Analyst, Smart Cockpit

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