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The Wards Story

Our story begins 100 years ago with Al Ward, the first to recognize the importance of providing production figures of automobile manufacturers to the public, and to create the first newsletter devoted to this information. Ward’s Automotive Reports (WAR) quickly became a trusted source of information for the auto industry and has been an invaluable resource for decades.

Fast forward to today, and WAR has evolved into WardsAuto, providing the same data-driven insight that has made it a leader in the auto industry, but now with the added benefits of the connection and events of TU-Automotive and the research expertise of Wards Intelligence. At WardsAuto, we are committed to continuing Al Ward’s legacy of providing the auto industry with the knowledge and information necessary to inform, inspire, and accelerate a brighter AutoTech future.

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Our Audience


Automotive executives rely on WardsAuto to help shape their company’s position within the industry by positioning them as thought leaders through our events, research and digital demand generation services.

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Our AutoTech and Auto Retail experts ensure that we monitor the trends transforming Automotive.

The Future Dealer

How digitalization, mobility, advanced automobile technology, customer education, electrified powertrains and connected services are transforming the way vehicles are sold and serviced.

Cockpit of the Future

How electrification, connectivity and autonomy are rapidly evolving cockpits, sustainable materials, smart surfaces and the future of leather.

ADAS & Autonomy

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), level 1-5 autonomous vehicles (AV), global policies and regulations, ADAS and AV adoption forecasts.

Advanced Propulsion & Electrification

Batteries, charging technology & infrastructure, battery recycling, electric motors, related power control & conversion technologies, electric all-wheel-drive systems & EV transmissions, hybrid and fuel-cell powertrains, impact of electrification on ICEs.

Connectivity & Software Defined Vehicles

Industry 4.0, e-vehicle architecture, infrastructure hardware, in-vehicle hardware, business systems, E/E architecture data sets, EV architecture OEM ratings score cards.

The Digital Economy

How megatrends in electrification, mobility and connectivity will create new digital revenue streams for all automotive players.


The role of BEVs in sustainability, battery recycling, public charging and EV infrastructure, carbon-neutral manufacturing, sustainable materials.


The rapid evolution of mobility, emerging transportation strategies, advanced technology developments, key public-policy initiatives.


Green powertrain forecasts, world plants, North American light-vehicle engines availability & specifications, US market segmentation, US manufacturers changeover dates, FI rates based on engine, equipment, equipment ADAS, equipment connectivity.

Our Digital Solutions


High visibility display advertising creates brand awareness and builds trust by reaching targeted online audiences while they are browsing or searching for specific solutions or answers. Showcase your brand and be top of mind with automotive manufacturing and retail decision makers and influencers who head to WardsAuto for the latest industry news.


Like e-mail, webinars are an old-school tool that continues to prove its drive value. No longer simple training videos, webinars are multi-level engines of engagement–a place to establish credibility, influence the influencers, interact with genuine leads, and then transform their first touch into an ongoing relationship.


Deliver your marketing message within a relevant and engaging environment to targeted audiences and drive traffic to your website. Build awareness for your brand, support new product launches and promote your high-performing assets in responsive design newsletters that render beautifully across all devices.


Engage targeted audiences across automotive, generate qualified sales leads, and grow your brand awareness. Maximize ROI with our team of lead gen experts. Support your multi-channel content marketing strategy by syndicating your content through our trusted digital channels OR leverage our high-performing content in your marketing channels.


As the automotive market evolves faster than ever before, our research team can test product concepts, help to refine your strategy and generate leads for your business development teams. Dive deeper into your audience today.


Leverage Informa’s content experts, creative talent and marketing savvy to add a powerful punch to your content marketing and social campaigns. We have the production skill, industry experience and know-how to develop video content that resonates with your target audience and meets your goals.


Podcasts are the perfect tool to help you raise awareness of your product/service. Engage your target audience by offering an in-depth dive into key industry topics. Boost your Podcast’s reach OR start your own by leveraging our team of content, creative, and production experts.


Whether Online, In-Person or Hybrid employ our global team of Event Specialists backed by our parent company Informa PLC, to build, curate, manage and deliver events of all sizes, to the audience of your choice.

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