The tale of WardsAuto commences a century ago, with Al Ward as its pioneer. Ward had a profound understanding of the significance of sharing automobile manufacturers’ production statistics with the general public. Thus, he created the first newsletter that exclusively catered to this niche – Ward’s Automotive Reports (WAR). As an established and dependable source of information, WAR has played a crucial role in the automotive industry.

Today, WardsAuto is an evolved version of WAR, offering data-driven insights that have helped the company maintain its leadership in the auto industry. However, with the inclusion of TU-Automotive’s events and research proficiency from Wards Intelligence, WardsAuto has transformed into a formidable force within the Informa Tech Automotive Group.

As an organization, we remain committed to carrying on Al Ward’s legacy by equipping the automotive industry with the requisite knowledge and information. We hope to inspire and catalyze a brighter future for the AutoTech industry through our Wards100 program.


Celebrating the Who’s Who in AutoTech


Celebrating the Most Innovative Dealers in AutoRetail

WardsAuto invites you to delve into a captivating journey through our history, and the automotive industry, at AutoTech: Detroit. Explore a collection of historical yearbooks, reports, trophies, and vehicles. You also have the unique opportunity to witness the Wards100 LIVE stage, where renowned industry leaders, distinguished award winners, and more take the stage.


With a century’s worth of reports, data, and information on the automotive industry, Wards has amassed an extensive catalogue. And now, we are thrilled to reveal that our archives are finally at your disposal! Each month, you’ll have the chance to delve into an impressive array of digital content, spanning everything from captivating articles to illuminating webinars.

Join the Wards100 Vault LinkedIn Group today to unlock access to a series of articles, podcasts, discussion forums and webinars to stay up to date on all things AutoTech and AutoRetail.



Get ready to celebrate the cream of the crop in automotive technology! The highly anticipated Wards100 Directory, launching in April 2024, is the ultimate guide to the industry’s most visionary and influential leaders, working for an OEM as of January 2024. These trailblazers have shown outstanding innovation, strategic thinking, and exceptional dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation.

The completed Directory will consolidate the top 100 nominations, as selected by Wards. 


Wards100 Dealers will be released in March 2024 and feature the most influential and visionary dealers & dealerships across the industry, from small family-run businesses to large-scale groups, who are shaking up the status quo, embracing cutting-edge technology, and providing customers with unparalleled experiences that set new benchmarks for the industry.

The completed Directory will consolidate the top 100 nominations, as selected by Wards. 

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