Drive Your Marketing With Data. Part One

Brand Perception.

A brand is what and how others perceive your product or company to be. Branding is the action you take to activate your brand identity. Branding isn’t just a label or logo. It isn’t just a color palette. It isn’t just a story we tell potential customers. It’s the sum total of all of these elements, and much more. Branding plays a key role in managing perceptions and in creating the reality you want your customers to perceive.

Brand perception is a result of a buyer’s or potential buyer’s awareness of, attitude towards, and interactions with a product or company. What elements are important in the buying process of your customer? What are their impressions of key attributes such as price for value, the competition,  customer service,  purchasing intent? Where do you fit in the buyer’s mind right now, and how does that benchmark drive your marketing strategy? Research. Data. Analysis.

You don’t know what you don’t know until start exploring, and it can be a very energizing journey!

See it for yourself here.

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