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What Could Kill Your Connected Vehicle Application and How to Avoid it!

In this webinar, we’ll share our many lessons learned in the application of our unique combination of purpose-built core network elements and experience-driven best practices in connected-vehicle solution design.


Inside Out: Reassessing Automotive Safety from Every Angle

Explore how perceptions of automotive safety have changed over the past decade, unpack the trends driving its evolution, and reveal how OEMs are putting driver and passenger protection at the heart of vehicle development.


The Future of Infotainment: A Radio-Centric Approach

This webinar will examine the nascent hybrid radio market from an automotive industry perspective, to understand the drivers of both the technical and commercial development.


Don’t Fall Victim to Dirty Data

When that data doesn’t get the routine maintenance it needs, your customers and your bottom line will feel it. This webinar will help you discover the essential tasks needed to establish and maintain CRM best practices and processes.


Addressing Electronics Reliability in Safety-Critical Automotive Systems

Will discuss how Ansys solutions for electrical, thermal, and mechanical reliability help engineers improve product performance and reliability, as well as reduce the number of physical tests that are needed during the product development process.


Take Action Today to Drive More High-Quality Traffic Into Your Showroom Tomorrow

With the pandemic still in play and widespread inventory shortages up to bat, consumers are increasingly selective on how many dealerships they’ll visit — and are submitting leads from further distances based on inventory.


The Consumer Revolution and the Auto Retailing Future

This webinar dives into the research findings with a group of industry experts. We explore how digital impacts the future of vehicle sales, F&I sales and Service/Fixed Ops, including the below questions and more.

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