Advanced Propulsion Suite

Download the Advanced Propulsion Suite Sample now and discover:

  • Interview with SAE HOON KIM, Vice President-Fuel Cell Group, Research & Development Group, Hyundai. Kim offers unique insight into the reaction to Hyundai’s fuel-cell vehicle Nexo, how this vehicle is produced, the obstacles to FCVs, and more.
  • The E-Machines Supply Chain. A look at major players in the E-Machines Supply Chain, from Material Suppliers to Tier 1s and EV Manufacturers.

And of course, this sample includes detailed information about the 3 reports included in the Advanced Propulsion Suite and how you can get your hands on them.


Download the Advanced Propulsion Suite Sample Here

Reports Included in the Advanced Propulsion Suite


E-Machines: Powering The Automotive Future

An examination of cutting-edge motor-generator technology and how suppliers are working to meet the growing demands of the global electrified-vehicle market.

Advanced Propulsion

AWD Electrified

Latest AWD tech, electrification in the sector, development and market strategies of OEMs and suppliers, and growth potential.

Advanced Propulsion

Fuel Cell Future In Vehicles

Focusing on fuel-cell technology and the outlook for fuel-cell vehicles in coming years and decades.

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