New Mobility Suite

Download the New Mobility Suite Sample now and discover more about the global mobility market.

Sample includes exclusive interview with CARLOS CRUZ-CASAS, Assistant Director-Strategic Planning, Department of Transportation and Public Works, Miami-Dade County. Cruz-Casas offers unique insight into Miami’s Mobility needs, their approach to Mobility partners, their Mobility solutions, and more…

And of course, this sample includes detailed information about the 3 reports included in the New Mobility Suite and how you can get your hands on them.


Download the New Mobility Report Sample Here

Reports Included in the New Mobility Suite


Smart Cities: Leading The Way In Mobility

In-depth case studies and analysis of how mobility providers are working with cities to shape the future of urban transportation.


Navigating New Mobility

An examination of the mobility strategies of automotive OEMs, technology companies and others in the race to define the next era of transportation.


Connectivity And Infotainment Report

Focusing on connected infotainment and the increasing importance of data monetization supported by cloud-based automotive features.

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