Download the Electrification Suite Sample now and discover:

  • Interview with KEVIN BUTT, Director-Environmental Sustainability, Toyota Motor North America. Butt offers unique insight into Toyota’s Hybrid strategy, and details some of their many environmental initiatives.
  • The Battery Recycling Supply Chain. A look at major players in the Battery Recycling Supply Chain, from Battery Suppliers to EV Manufacturers.

And of course, this sample includes detailed information about the 4 reports included in the Electrification Suite and how you can get your hands on them.


Download the Electrification Suite Sample Here

Reports Included in the Electrification Suite


Closing The Loop: Strategies Ahead For Reuse, Recycling Of Li-Ion BEV Batteries

Recycling efforts are under way, as is repurposing of Li-ion packs, but what does the future hold for these sectors? This report examines those – OEMs, battery manufacturers, recyclers, repurposers, policymakers and others – with stakes in the game.


Tipping Point: Batteries, BEVs And The Decade Ahead

What’s now and next in battery technology, supplier plans for increasing capacity, the global market outlook for BEVs and what is likely to drive demand and the commitment each of the major automakers is making to the BEV market.


Power Shift: 48V Takes Hold

Looks at the state of 48V technology and where it is headed, which systems and components are likely to move to the higher-capacity electrical architecture next and OEM and supplier strategies to address the market.


Putting The Charge In Electric Vehicles

Looks at the developing infrastructure for battery-electric-vehicle charging, including the emerging ultra-fast charging capability that promises to replenish a depleted BEV battery in a matter of minutes.

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