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The Wards story began in 1924, when our founder began tracking stock market and business statistics. The popularity of this data led to the creation of a newsletter on vehicle production. He would stand outside the automaker factory gates and asked the workers how many cars they had built that day. Before long, automaker execs saw our numbers as more reliable than those their middle managers gave them, and the Wards reputation for data accuracy was born.

Over the decades, the Wards Intelligence brand has grown into a collection of valuable services used by major automakers, top suppliers, financial firms, and policy makers. Mainstream media from the Wall Street Journal to NPR, and groups such as the Federal Reserve Board regularly cite our insights.

Today, Wards Intelligence delivers quantitative data, product plans, market analysis, consulting, events and OEM strategy in connectivity, mobility, autonomy, electrification, and propulsion. Our team of expert analysts equip clients with the knowledge they need to make better decisions and ultimately stay one step ahead of the competition.

From the board room to the design center, from the plant floor to the dealer showroom, our audience consists of ​all key aspects in the industry. With our team of subject matter experts, we promise to deliver the appropriate tools and insights to ensure our global community is successful in 2021 and beyond.

Our trusted brand pillars (TU-Automotive, WardsAuto, Wards Intelligence) provide expert direction in the automotive and technology industries with unrivaled opportunities to develop ​and differentiate your company’s position within it. Our mission is to look well beyond the headlines to research trends that will impact ​the bottom line of this innovative industry in the months and years to come. 

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