How to Reduce Power Consumption in EV HMIs

Consumers are acutely aware that in electric vehicles (EVs), range is everything. So is the U.S. government; the infrastructure bill currently moving through Congress includes $7.5 billion for hundreds of thousands of new charging stations across the country, just to keep EVs on the road.

Obviously, every milliwatt-hour of EV battery power counts. Efficiency in power utilization must be the objective of every system, on every vehicle. That extends to the human machine interface (HMI) system in EVs, which spans driver cockpit displays, head-up displays (HUDs) and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) control panels.

Designers and engineers must be concerned with minimizing power consumption at every level. With the right configuration, HMIs can be up to 50% more efficient—and this is how.

Download the white paper now and find out:

  • Reviewing Power Utilization
  • Building Blocks of Power-Efficient Systems
  • Improvements – mileage savings, software efficiency, etc.
  • System Power Use with Altia

..And More.

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