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Power Shift: 48V Takes Hold

A few short years ago, the thought of converting to 48V electrical architectures was seen as not much more than a promising idea. Today, the global auto industry knee-deep in a broad-scale movement to integrate 48V technology into traditional powertrains, beginning with luxury vehicles but on track to filter down to mass-market cars as well. 48V mild-hybrid technology now is the electrification entry point for many of the biggest automakers as they hurry to meet tougher CO2 emissions regulations in key markets around the world, with those models expected to account for up to half of the world’s annual electric vehicle sales over the next decade. Also behind the shift is the growing power requirements of today’s automobiles, which is driving development of a range of new 48V-compatible motor-generators, driveline components and other systems.

This report looks at the state of 48V technology and where it is headed, which systems and components are likely to move to the higher-capacity electrical architecture next and OEM and supplier strategies to address the market. It contains a detailed global forecast for 48V mild-hybrid vehicles, an insightful survey of industry insiders, a Wards Intelligence scorecard on which companies are leading the charge in the field and Q&As with high-ranking executives at several of the key players.

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