Enhancing Grid Resilience

A three-part series of special coverage focused on hardening, protecting and controlling our nation’s grid.

October through December 2019



Delivery of electricity is an essential service, one that provides for the well-being of our modern society. This is evident whenever severe weather or natural disasters occur; the first order of business for public health and safety is to restore power.

We must make sure the focus on the grid’s resilience doesn’t wane when threats subside.


A three-part series of special content focused on hardening, protecting and controlling the grid.  Engaging utilities on these critical topics through monthly webinars and interactive content October through December 2019.

Deliver critical know to utilities through thought leadership webinars and storyscapes while generating leads.

Sponsorship Opportunities

All programs include webinar sponsorship and custom built storyscape environment.

Part 1:  Hardening the Grid

Webinar Title: Storm Preparedness

Description: The power industry is gearing up like never before to battle storms. Utilities will learn what should be included in their storm hardening strategies.

Sponsor Deadline: July 1
Date: October 2019

Part 2:  Protecting the Grid

Webinar Title: Protecting the Grid Against Cyber and Physical Attacks

Description: The threat of an attack on our nation’s power grid is the new normal.  Utilities will learn about strategies for taking cybersecurity and physical security to the next level.

Sponsor Deadline: Aug 1
Date: November 2019

Part 3:  Grid Control

Webinar Title: Technology Advancements | Managing Power Flow

Description:  Utilities are facing challenges that require more persistent ability to manage power flows. Utilities will learn techniques for controlling load in the short term and long term.

Sponsor Deadline: Sept 1
Date: December 2019

What’s Included

Content Marketing

Sponsorship of 1-hour Webinar

Creation of two-page executive summary of webinar

Co-Branded Marketing

Hosting of webinar, executive summary, and ungated assets on “Storyscape” microsite for one year

Hosting of up to 3 related ungated assets

Promotions & Leads

3 months of promotions and nurturing email after the webinar

Full contact information from professionals that register for webinar or download the executive summary along with data points to gauge intent

Guide utilities as they step up to the challenge of enhancing grid resilience.

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