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E-Machines: Powering the Automotive Future

An examination of cutting-edge motor-generator technology and how suppliers are working to meet the growing demands of the global electrified-vehicle market.

Batteries and charging infrastructure are key to the success of automotive electrification, but advancements in electric motor and controls technology equally are necessary to fuel the future of this emerging transportation revolution. This report examines the cutting edge of e-machine technology and the controls that manage that power in vehicles, along with a look at how myriad suppliers are working to meet the growing electrification demands of the automotive market. The report includes valuable data on projected motor installation rates by OEMs as well as results of an exclusive industry survey on the technology.


  • Where Motor Technology Is Headed
  • Global Motor Demand Outlook
  • Key Suppliers
  • OEM Strategies
  • Evolving OEM-Supplier Dynamic


  • How are key automotive suppliers adapting to an electrified future?
  • Which e-machine suppliers are in the best position to benefit from EV growth?
  • Which new players in the e-machine space are worth watching?
  • How are e-machine technology and ancillary systems evolving and what’s coming next?
  • How are OEM and supplier relationships evolving in the age of electrified vehicles?
  • How is the e-machine business growing in relation to electrified-vehicle production?

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E-Machines: Powering the Automotive Future

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