Connectivity & V2X at Automotive Tech Week: Megatrends

Connectivity is the cornerstone to everything happening inside and outside of the vehicle. 5G and V2X is shaping the future of automotive. What new services and applications can we expect once there is the transition from hybrid 4G/5G network to a pure 5G network?

The car is moving beyond popular in-car payments (e.g. Petrol, Parking, Tolls etc.) to a marketplace on wheels.  With increased collaborations between retailers and automakers, connected vehicle payments are opening huge revenue opportunities for automakers.

With all these new services and innovations, the modern vehicle is now generating an astronomical amount of data. Here lies the conundrum, in order to create new products and services automakers need customer consent now to learn what their customers want in the future. What will be required to overcome this chicken and egg scenario?

Thursday January 28th – Connectivity & V2X

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Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Steve Bell, Principal Analyst, Wards Intelligence

Presentation: 5G & V2X – Shaping the Future of Automotive

  • 5G is here and we have the tools of transport transformation at our fingertips. The technology is ready to secure the fully connected and automated solutions. The driver & riders are ready to consume the services. But are the vehicle OEMs ready to capture the opportunities in automation and vehicle communication?  
  • Learn the 5 pillars on how to succeed with your connected vehicle services. 

Claes Herlitz, VP and Head of Connected Vehicles, Ericsson

Panel Discussion: Finding a Balance Between Customer Consent, Data & New Products

  • In order to create new products and services automakers need customer consent now to learn what their customers want in the future. What will be required to overcome this chicken and egg scenario?   
  • What potential strategies could be used to manage data privacy laws and increase customer acceptance? 

Moderator: Steve Bell, Principal Analyst, Wards Intelligence

Panelists: Magnus Gunnarsson, Head of Strategy, Portfolio and Business Development, Ericsson Connected Vehicle
Sebastian Lasek, Head of Connected Car & Data Monetization, ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

Presentation: The Future of In-Car Payments – Converting the Car to a Marketplace

  • Moving beyond popular in-car payments (e.g. Petrol, Parking, Tolls etc.) with increased collaborations between retailers and automakers
  • How automakers are making eWallets a seamless and easy to use in-car user experience.
  • Understanding the role of biometric authentication as a key factor to reassure safe e-Wallet payments

Will Judge, Vice President & Global Lead for New Mobility Partnerships, Mastercard 

Wards Analysts – CES Connectivity Roundup & Networking
Host: Steve Bell, Principal Analyst, Wards Intelligence

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2021: The year of V2X – Making vehicles more competitive 

A practical overview of how exactly V2X technology will make cars competitive on a market ever more dominated by ADAS and connectivity features, and how it can work together with sensors to increase safety.

Szabolcs Patay, Head of Automotive, Commsignia 

Claes Herlitz, VP and Head of Connected Vehicles, Ericsson

Claes Herlitz is Head of Ericsson’s Global Automotive Services, with global responsibility for connected vehicle offerings. Drawing on his experience working in mobile telco and the transportation and logistics sectors, Claes is currently focused on providing end-to-end IoT solutions to the automotive, transport and logistics industries.

Magnus Gunnarsson, Head of Strategy, Portfolio and Business Development, Ericsson Connected Vehicle 

Magnus Gunnarsson is Head of Strategy, Portfolio and Business Development at Ericsson Connected Vehicles.  As such Magnus is responsible for bringing the next generation connected vehicle services to the market, like connected safety, autonomous drive, and mobility as a service.

Steve Bell, Principal Analyst, Wards Intelligence

Steve Bell is Principal Analyst at Wards Intelligence focusing on the impact of 4G and 5G connectivity, IoT and emerging technologies in the rapidly transforming automotive domain.

Sebastian Lasek, Head of Connected Car & Data Monetization, ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

Sebastian Lasek, Head of Connectivity at Skoda Auto a.s. reponsible for strategy and development of Skoda Connect.

Szabolcs Patay, Head of Automotive, Commsignia 

Presenting 2021: The year of V2X – Making vehicles more competitive at Automotive Tech Week: Megatrends 2021.

Will Judge, Vice President & Global Lead for New Mobility Partnerships, Mastercard

Will Judge is Vice President and Global Lead for New Mobility Partnerships at Mastercard.  Judge leads the work of Mastercard’s global Enterprise Partnerships team on new mobility in the Smart Cities group. He brings the best of Mastercard’s technologies and services to global technology and automotive companies developing new solutions in automated vehicles, mobility-as-a-service, multi-modal digital integration and demand management. 

From Informa Tech Automotive Group


Data Changing the Automakers’ Game


Big data generated by connected vehicles offer big opportunities.

However, industry executives say there is still much work to be done before the 1’s and 0’s are transformed into bigger numbers on the bottom line. As more sensors are enabled on vehicles and mobility infrastructure to capture where, when, and how autos are driven and function, the data will continue growing exponentially. The thinking goes that monetization eventually will greatly increase as well.


Jury Still Out on Automaker Data Deals


Automakers worldwide are beginning to understand the data they collect from car owners is a valuable resource.

As vehicles continue to their evolution towards software and application driven machines, data sharing agreements with third parties will be a critical factor to any expansive monetization strategy. However, automakers face a number of challenges, including data privacy and security, hashing out contract agreements with data agglomeration specialists and other actors and numerous technological hurdles to facilitate the movement of clean, actionable data at a fair price.


Audi Tests Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything Connectivity


Pom Malhotra, Audi of America’s director of connected services, says while the automaker’s current tests are focused on road work and traffic lights, it could one day be applied to other situations, such as school bus loading and unloading and first responders.

Flashing lights and orange construction signs on the side of the road send a clear message: Look at me because I have important information. But what if a driver is distracted by Twitter or fighting kids in the back seat?

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