Is Your Validation Team Ready for EVs?
4 Things You Need to Know

The tools and procedures you use to test and validate gasoline and diesel vehicles might not be adequate for electric vehicles (EVs).

The automotive industry is going electric. Currently, electric vehicle (EV) sales are increasing by an average of 37% per year, and some industry watchers expect that rate to increase over the next few years. New EV startups seem to be cropping up almost every day, and several of the large, well-established manufacturers have announced that they  expect to be selling only EVs within ten to fifteen years.

In this whitepaper, learn how:

  • Electric vehicle (EV) sales are rising 37% per year, putting pressure on the engineering teams that need to test and validate those vehicles.
  • Validating EVs isn’t necessarily more difficult than validating gasoline and diesel vehicles, but it does require some changes to the typical processes.
  • When modifying their tools and procedures for EVs, validation teams need to consider four very important factors:
  • Energy efficiency calculations
  • Battery and battery monitoring system validation
  • Range anxiety
  • Charge cycles
  • By collecting, aggregating, and analyzing the data, you can gain valuable insights that can help improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.


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