Automotive Tech Week: Megatrends Agenda

January 25-29, 2021

Mobility - Monday

Covid has hit the mobility sector extremely hard and many mobility providers will need to change their strategy to stay relevant and profitable. How are mobility providers and cities are working together to reshape the urban landscape? What new trends are coming into play to improve the passenger experience while increasing revenue at the same time? Learn how mobility players are pivoting with new strategies, innovations and collaborations that will bring riders back to mobility services.

Electrification - Tuesday

2020 saw several hurdles for the EV industry to overcome from Covid-19 to the U.S. elections to the ZEV programme, and these issues will be with us long into 2021 and beyond. How is the industry expected to develop moving forward? Where will future electric vehicle sales be coming from? And how will we see the battery supply chain develop?

Cockpit of the Future - Wednesday

Excitement is no longer what is going on outside the vehicle it is what is going on inside that will create the ultimate user experience. Manufacturers are redefining the driving experience; HMI is changing the way we interact with our vehicle and our virtual assistants are becoming more human. In-car entertainment is evolving beyond the radio and will one day become a key feature for the driver and passengers.

Connectivity & V2X - Thursday

Connectivity is the cornerstone to everything happening inside and outside of the vehicle. 5G and V2X is shaping the future of automotive. What new services and applications can we expect once there is the transition from hybrid 4G/5G network to a pure 5G network?

The car is moving beyond popular in-car payments (e.g. Petrol, Parking, Tolls etc.) to a marketplace on wheels.  With increased collaborations between retailers and automakers, connected vehicle payments are opening huge revenue opportunities for automakers.

With all these new services and innovations, the modern vehicle is now generating an astronomical amount of data. Here lies the conundrum, in order to create new products and services automakers need customer consent now to learn what their customers want in the future. What will be required to overcome this chicken and egg scenario?

Software Architectures - Friday

The software capabilities of a vehicle are key to attracting a new generation of consumers. Drivers today are opting for technology and connectivity over power and speed. How can OEMs utilize their software capabilities to develop a future proof brand? How will the supply chain continue to evolve in the era of the software defined vehicle?

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