Automotive Tech Week | Grid Pass Sessions

Grid Pass holders get access to all Show Floor Sessions, Networking Breaks, and the Exhibition Hall.

November 16-17, 2021

All timings – ET.


Did You Know…

…that your Grid Pass includes the opportunity to demo the all new Corvette Stingray and the all electric Porsche Taycan?


Some vehicles are mere transportation appliances, and some, like the all new Corvette Stingray, are about pure turn-it-up-to-eleven driving enjoyment. This two-seat, mid-engine rocketship features a 14-speaker Bose Performance Series sound system to ensure that your music reproduction is just as powerful as the 490 horsepower V8. Join one of our professional test drivers for a spin around the event center and get a taste of how a custom-tuned Bose sound system makes every trip in the Stingray less of a drive and more of an experience.


The all new, all electric Porsche Taycan proves that EVs don’t have to compromise when it comes to performance or pure driving pleasure. Everything in the vehicle, including the 14-speaker Bose sound system, is designed to extract maximum performance from every single watt. Join one of our professional drivers for a lap around the event center in a Taycan and hear how a finely tuned, custom-integrated Bose audio system can enhance the Taycan driving experience.

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